Finally! a Fast, Simple, Easy, and PRIVATE way to burn up to 600 calories, get Toned, Lose Fat, Restore Muscle, do Cardio, and GET FIT in 25 minutes….

StatisticsReview of PRIVATE WORKOUT

GUT BUSTER BOOT CAMP® Finally, a fast, simple, easy, and PRIVATE way to burn up to 600 calories, get Toned, Lose Fat, Restore Muscle, do cardio, and GET FIT in just 25 mins…. StatisticsReview of PRIVATE WORKOUT

Private Workout is owned and operated by a person who was a member of large gym for several years and he thought he could “make the gym experience better.”  He earned a certification at the Cooper Institute in Dallas and built the first location in Plano, Texas.  Private Workout has developed a workout program based on the results of research and trials that have produced reliable results when followed correctly.  Since 2001, we have trained over 12,000 customers and improved our workout over 50 times and have a 99.7% customer satisfaction rating.

What is a Boot Camp? A Boot Camp is a program where you accomplish a lot in a short amount of time.  There are “sales” boot camps, “social media boot camps,” “real estate” boot camps, “outdoor” fitness bootcamps,  and ours is an “indoor” fitness bootcamp.  Fitness bootcamps are comprised of multiple exercise exercises and the instructor tells you when to change routines. For fitness bootcamps, studies have found that “outdoor” bootcamps cause participants to lose up to 20lbs of fat and muscle in around two months.   Unfortunately, the loss of muscle lowers the metabolism, so outdoor bootcamp survivors may lose 20lbs, but they regain 30 lbs of fat after the bootcamp is over.  For this reason the US Army stopped doing follow-on boot camps (after their initial one for indoctrination) over 50 years ago, and they started doing a workout similar to ours.

The workout we do is a combination of cardio and strength training and is similar to the workouts done by every professional sports team in this country, every college team, and most high school teams.  Don’t worry, we start you off with an easy workout and make it just a little harder every time, so even an out-of-shape person will be successful! While serious athletes do this kind of workout, it is seldom offered in commercial gyms, who instead concentrate on “entertainment” workouts, where their main goal is to get people to participate because it is “fun” but not necessarily effective.  Have you ever tried several activities in a big gym over time only to find that none of them actually changed your shape?  Ever hear of “muscle confusion” where commercial gyms have you keep changing what you are doing?  Did you know that there is not a single professional athlete that got in top shape by changing their workout often?  When you change up the workout often, it takes LONGER to get in shape, so you stay and pay longer…

Why do people gain weight over time? The average man and women loses up to a pound of muscle each year from age 20 to 40.  Muscle burns calories, so less muscle means lower metabolism.  If a person eats the same way at 40 as they did at 20, they will end up 50lbs heavier, since their body burns less calories at 40 than it did at 20.  Restore lost muscle, the fat burns offs…restore lost muscle, and “tone” comes back.  The average person we see needs to restore around 10 lbs of muscle. The American Medical Journal performed a survey to find out how fast 10 lbs of muscle can be restored.  The average gym goer restored zero muscle since they did mainly cardio exercises and 97% quit after 13 weeks.  Personal trainers nationally claimed they could restore 10 lbs of muscle in 20 months at a cost of around $1,000 per month.  The GUT BUSTER BOOT CAMP® has restored 10 lbs of muscle in as little as 3 months at a cost starting at $19 per month…. At most gyms, most people concentrate on cardio exercises, which do NOT restore muscle.  If you are near 40 and you do fat-burning workouts only, it takes 3 hours of them each day, 7 days per week to keep the fat down.  Or you could restore the muscle by working out 3 times per week for 25 minutes with us… which sounds better to you?

No haggle, no hassle gym. After the first day, unlike most gyms, we will not be calling, texting or emailing you to join! We do not have full-commissioned sales people, just personal trainers. Most gyms employ salesmen on full commission to enroll new people and that has led to questionable reputations of many gyms. Our staff of personal trainers is paid on salary and are there to answer your questions, instruct you on form and our workout, and help you reach your fitness goals. Most of our new customers enroll online before coming to our locations and we will answer all of your questions and explain all of your options during your first appointment, which you book from this web site (Book Appointment). Just like a waiter, we will show and explain the menu to you, and you decide what you want to order…Unlike most gyms, we will teach you what to do, and how to do it…Can you complete the 6 week GUT BUSTER BOOT CAMP®?  It is up to 6 days per week for 6 weeks…

Private Workout is a fitness center like no other.  We are owned by personal trainers who know what you need: 1) to learn how to workout from personal trainers 2) have the best equipment to work out on, 3) have privacy and dignity when you work out 4) have a fitness plan that will meet your goals 5) get you started right so you can continue on your own…and it all takes just 25 MINUTES! We have cardio equipment, free weights and weight circuits just like all gyms,  but we teach you how to workout, the proper form, protein requirements, and we give you a daily plan to follow in order to get the results you want…

6 Week Gut Buster Boot Camp® $149 Our GUT BUSTER Boot Camp is a structured workout program that takes just 25 minutes, designed by a Personal Trainer, done INSIDE with NO ONE WATCHING!  It’s a CARDIO RESISTANCE TRAINING WORKOUT that will get you in top shape!  Follow our plan and you will not have to wait for equipment, even after work, and you will be in and out in less than 30 minutes!  There is NO RISK!  If you complete your first workout and don’t like it, you get a full refund before you leave the building!  COME DO IT! New customers only, must be 21 or older. Great for people who want to tone muscles, build muscles, and lose up to 10lbs of fat. Questions? 214-865-6153 ext. 2

Fitness Race 100 $20 today, $33 per month For most people, it takes more than 6 weeks to get in shape. We invented this 100 step workout program for those who need some motivation to work out! Unlike other gyms that want you to commit to years of payments (which really has nothing to do with fitness, does it?) we simply want you to RACE to complete our 100 step workout program and you should ACTUALLY GET IN SHAPE! In the store our membership is $199 down and $39 month-to-month.  Here, we just loan you the $199 down and charge a small $20 enrollment fee, then it’s just $33 month-to-month until you complete the 100 workouts when it drops to $3 per month and we waive the $199 membership fee!  We guarantee your success: if you don’t hit your goal by the time you have completed 100 of our workouts, we will waive the $199 fee and drop your rate to $3/month as if you had!  This is designed for people that want to get in shape and lose 10 or more pounds. New customers only, must by 21 or older. Great for people who want to tone muscles, build muscles, lose 10lbs+ of fat, and achieve overall fitness. $20 today, $33 per month… Click Here for details.  Questions? 214-865-6153 ext. 2

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5 Week Muscle Toning Boot Camp $97 Our Muscle Toning Boot Camp is a structured workout program that takes less than 30 minutes, designed by a Personal Trainer, done INSIDE with NO ONE WATCHING!  It’s a CARDIO RESISTANCE TRAINING WORKOUT that will tone you up!  Follow our plan and you will not have to wait for equipment, even after work, and you will be done in less than 30 minutes!  Great for people who want to tone muscles, keep weight, fat, and muscle size the same. Questions? 214-865-6153 ext. 2

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8 Week Speed Slimming Boot Camp $198 If you choose this program, you will benefit from two personal training sessions, a fitness evaluation, body fat analysis, protein requirement recommendation, learning how to do our workout that produces results up to 10 times faster than what is normally achieved at a gym, and you will learn proper form on multiple pieces of gym equipment.  So what have you got to lose?  It’s just 8 weeks….Go ahead- DO IT! We have had customers lose up to 20 lbs in just 8 weeks.  New customers only, must be 12 or older. Great for people who want to tone muscles, build muscles, and lose up to 20 lbs of fat. Questions? 214-865-6153 ext 2

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8 Week Personal Training Makeover $499 Lose up to 20 lbs in just 8 weeks! Your personal trainer will meet with you for a fitness evaluation, goal setting, program planning, then work out with you two times per week for up to 24 different days. You will workout with your trainer for 25 minutes, then do 30 minutes of cardio. You have unlimited workouts on the days you are not with your trainer during the full 8 weeks! Pay by clicking the blue “BUY NOW” button below. Total price $499. In-store price is $699 so buy it here! Please call for your first appointment. Full refund if not satisfied after first workout. Questions? Call 214-865-6153 ext 2.