About Private Workout

Private Workout offers a unique indoor 25 minute workout designed by personal trainers.   These 25 minute workouts can be done alone or with a personal trainer.

Here’s the secret: the average person loses up to a pound of muscle each year from age 20 to 40.  The average 20 year old woman requires around 2000 calories per day (3000 for men) , but the average 40 year old woman requires only around 1200 (1500 for men).  Wonder why you just cannot eat as much as you used to without gaining weight?  This is because the 40 year old body is burning around 800-1500 calories less since it no longer has to maintain the muscle mass that you lost!  REGAIN the muscle and LOSE the fat and you restore your metabolism!


Private Workout has designed the perfect system to get you to build muscle and lose fat in just 30 minutes 3 x a week.  *Each individual’s results will vary depending on your starting weight, how many workout sessions you perform according to instruction, the intensity that you exert, your diet,  and whether you follow the protein consumption recommendations.  On your initial visit we will estimate the number of sessions required to meet your goals.

Private Workout’s Personal Trainers developed several PRIVATE (no audience) 25 minute workouts called:

In 25 minutes time, you will perform three times as many repetitions and get more minutes of actual cardio exercise than most people accomplish in 90 minutes at a regular gym.

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