Private Workout seeks to hire fit fitness-minded individuals who desire a career in the booming fitness industry.  Duties are to enroll and train new members and to run a fitness center.  Top employees will be sent for certification to various institutions for certification as a Personal Trainer.  Successful applicants will have a strong desire to learn the fitness industry and how to manage a retail facility.

Store Manager: Managing a Private Workout center.  Includes personal training using our methodology, member enrollment, maintenance etc.  This position offers base pay of $24.000 per year plus commission.  Our top managers have earned over $70,000 per year plus paid vacation and medical and educational reimbursement.  We prefer to hire people with degrees in Exercise Science, Kenesiology, Sports Facility Management or Management but we will consider individuals based on their talent and experience.  This person will be required to train and achieve a certification as a Certified Personal Trainer.  This position requires experience in membership enrollment and personal training. 50 hours/week.  This position leads to either a Regional Manager position or a Franchise owner position.
Assistant Store Manager: Managing a Private Workout center.  Includes personal training using our methodology, member enrollment, maintenance etc.  This is position is 50 hours per week with a base pay of $2,000/mo plus commission.  We prefer people with degrees in Exercise Science, Kinesiology, Sports Facility Management, or Management but we WILL TRAIN enthusiastic, athletic people for this position.  This position leads to Store Manager.
Manager Trainee: This is a trainee position for the Assistant Store Manager, working 40 hours per week for a base salary of $1,500 per month plus commission.  You will spend your first three months learning to be a personal trainer our way using our method, and those that excel will be promoted to Assistant Store Manager.

Personal Trainers: Personal training using our methodology, appointment scheduling. We seek certified personal trainers and/or we WILL TRAIN athletic and enthusiastic people for this position.

Trainers: $8/hour plus $1 for each 30 minute training session (up to $10/hour)
Cooper Personal Training Certificate Holders or Certified Personal Trainers $10/hour plus $1 for each 30 minute session (up to $12/hour) plus we reimburse you for the test if you pass.
Membership Specialists: This is a position for people who wish to specialize in enrolling new members.  We have pre-set appointments for this full commission position that can keep you busy 40 hours per week.  The Specialist will take up to 5 pre set appointmens per day where they will perform a body fat analysis, take the customer through a slide presentation, teach them the workout, and enroll them in the program.  You will be paid a commission for each membership enrolled plus a residual of 10% of the total gross monthy revenue your produce from membership dues, so the income is limited only by your sales ability!



PLANO – Preston & Park Blvd, Plano
DALLAS – 75 & Mockingbird, Dallas
LAS COLINAS – 114 & O’Connor, Irving, Texas
FLOWER MOUND – Flower Mound Road @ Morriss, Flower Mound, Texas

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