Is This For You?


1. If you want to get fit and stay fit, you must workout 2 to 3 times per week for the rest of your life.  Which  is better for you for the long run, a traditional 90 minute workout or a concentrated HIGH INTENSITY 25 minute workout?


The US Government did a study and found that the optimal workout of 30 minutes at 120 heartbeats per minute will lower your risk of heart attack by 57%.  Dr. Cooper did a study and found that a 2 hour workout only lowers that risk by 62%.  We offer an intense 25 minute workout that will keep your heart beating for 30 minutes!


We are owned by Personal Trainers, so we are Fitness Goal Oriented rather than Membership Sales Oriented.  We will do a fitness evaluation, help you set your goals, then we will create incentives for you to actually reach those goals, and give you a written plan to accomplish them.

3. Do you prefer a gym where YOU PLAN YOUR WORKOUT, or one that gives you a STRUCTURED PLAN?

Our Personal Trainers have developed a 150 step structured workout plan called the Gut Buster Boot Camp.  You need only execute the plan…  No studying required!

5. Do you feel like your metabolism has slowed down since you were 20?  Did you know that people lose up to 1 lb of muscle per year from age 20 to 40?  Muscle is the primary burner of calories, so lost muscle mass means lower metabolism.  Would you prefer to RAISE your metabolism by doing a 25 minute resistance/cardio workout 2-3 times per week to regain that lost muscle, or would you prefer to do a CARDIO workout EVERY DAY for 3 hours!

Most people think the path to fitness success is doing more and more cardio work.  Instead, the real path is to regain the muscle mass you had when you were twenty, so your body will burn calories 24 hours per day the same way it did when you were 20!

6. How do these weight loss methods affect your metabolism?

Dieting                            LOWER RAISE    SAME

Cardio workouts              LOWER RAISE    SAME

Weight lifting                   LOWER RAISE SAME

7. Our system is designed to raise your metabolism through building muscle mass.  Strength is an objective measure of whether you have made progress so you can judge our gym by the amount of strength you gain.  So STRENGTH GAIN is our responsibility.  Would it be worth your TIME to work out here if you could achieve a gain in strength of 50% (therefore increasing muscle mass) over the next year?

We have had some clients who have increased strength by as much as 100% each month!

8. Is there any reason you are aware of that would cause weight lifting not to make you stronger?

9. Body Fat percentage is a reliable objective measure of overall fitness.  Since body fat is largely determined by diet, which includes the amount of protein and carbs you consume each day, BODY FAT is your responsibility.

10. What’s more important to you, the SIZE of a club, the SOCIAL aspects, or the RESULTS?

Most people only like a big gym because they think they will not have to WAIT for equipment, or they can find a “semi-private” corner to work out in.

We have no waiting here and our equipment is in private rooms!

Social:  who wants to have to spend an extra hour at the gym talking instead of accomplishing what you came there for?  You would not want to shower in front of your friends, why would you want to work out in front of them?

11. Which kind of program produces better results, one where you watch others workout, or one where you watch yourself in a mirror in a private room to perfect your form?                      OPEN ROOM         PRIVATE (us)

12. Do you prefer to move quickly from one piece of weight lifting equipment to the next, in the best order, or would you rather skip some, skip around, and sometimes wait for some pieces?   MOVE QUICKLY (us)     SKIP

13. Do you prefer to workout on the best bio-mechanically- correct equipment available for each muscle group, designed to fit your body, or average equipment that your body has to adjust to?    BEST       AVERAGE

Most gyms are in the “membership sales” business, so they buy the cheapest equipment they can in order to be able to sell and service the most amount of membership.  They don’t usually buy the best, and in fact, they usually buy from one or two manufacturers so they “get a deal.”  We buy what we think is the best piece of equipment in the world for each station, regardless of cost or manufacturer.  Therefore we buy from several suppliers.  We don’t get the “deal,” you do!   The only gyms with similar equipment to us are in the locker rooms of the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks, and Dallas Stars.

14. Do you prefer a program that works just one type of muscle fiber, or both types?         ONE         BOTH

15. Private Workout is concerned with-:  1) increased cardio conditioning 2) increased strength, muscle mass, metabolism 3) increased bone density 4) decreased body fat and 5) preparation to avoid age-related injuries.      Questions? 214-865-6153 ext 2