Muscle Toning Bootcamp……Firm your muscles in 5 weeks $97


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Burn up to 600 calories each time you workout!.  Workout three times per week for up for 5 weeks on our personal-trainer designed regimented workout program done on the Intelligent Closed Circuit®.

The U. S. Government did a study and found that the “optimal workout” is where you get your heart rate up to 120 beats per minute for 30 minutes since that will lower your risk of heart attack by 57%.  This program does just that!  According to this burns the same amount of calories as running at 5 mph for 25 minutes, or doing a 5am outdoor bootcamp, or playing tennis or basketball.  According to, 25 minutes of jogging only burns 265 calories, aerobics or Zumba just burns 227 calories, and Pilates or Yoga burn only 95 calories…

Our MUSCLE TONING Boot Camp is a structured workout program that takes just 25 minutes, designed by our Personal Trainesr, done INSIDE with NO ONE WATCHING!  It’s a CARDIO RESISTANCE TRAINING WORKOUT that will firm and tone your muscles!  Follow our plan and you will not have to wait for equipment, even after work, and you will be done in less than 30 minutes!  There is NO RISK!  If you complete your first workout and don’t like it, you get a full refund before you leave the building!  COME DO IT!

New customers only, must be 21 or older.  Purchase online before visiting store, and you will be granted a full refund at the end of the first workout before you leave the store if you are not satisfied.  There are NO OTHER FEES.  Buy now, then call the store to set up an appointment.  Bring your email receipt and be prepared to workout when you arrive!  Your first workout will be one-on-one with the Boot Camp Instructor (a personal trainer) to explain the workout, do a fitness evaluation, help you set your goals, form-fit each piece of equipment to your body, teach you how to work each one, teach you the proper form, and teach you how to do our workout.  After that, just come and join in the group anytime from 8am to 8pm most days!  Questions? 214-865-6153 ext 2

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