Private Personal Training

Private Workout® Personal Trainers do THREE things:

1) we make you show up
2) we make sure your form is correct in the beginning and each time you raise the weights since your body wants to find short-cuts AND we push you through your “glass ceiling” where most people give up
3) we keep you coming!  No one is successful at any gym if they don’t keeping showing up!

90% of personal training clients see success and are still working out after a year as compared to less than 1% of health club membership buyers.

Private Workout® is a fitness center owned and operated by a Personal Trainers.

1. we have developed what we believe to are the most effective workout programs in the world.
2. our trainers are experienced
3. we specialize in 25 minute personal training sessions done on weight machines or free weights to DANCE music!  You then do 30 minutes of cardio on bikes, ellipticals, and/or treadmills when we finish, your option.
4. while most trainers can get you through around 160 repetitions in 90 minutes, you will complete over 700 repetitions in just 25 minutes with our trainer…  we start easy and get a little harder on each visit…


At Private Workout®, we are serious about RESULTS, we are not just here to “exercise” you.   A typical personal training session in Dallas costs around $80 is about 25 minutes of weight training, then 30 minutes on the treadmill. We offer traditional sessions using free weights, balls, or weight machines like you will find at our competitors.   However, we put you on workout plan that we have put over 10,000 people through and tweaked it over 50 times to get the best possible results.  While most personal trainers “make it up as they go along,” our trainers follow a plan that we know to work.  Think about it, the average trainer has trained perhaps a hundred clients in their career, our trainers have the benefit of the knowledge learned from training over 10,000…

In addition to traditional 55 minute session, we offer 25 minutes sessions on the weights only by a staff personal trainer for $75, then you can do the cardio equipment for 30 minutes (or more!) on your own, and we don’t charge you for an extra 30 minutes!

Most trainers tell you they are going to “vary the workout,” which means that each day you will be doing something different in order to create “muscle confusion.”  What this really means is that the trainer is probably making up your workout as he goes along, because he wants you to be dependent on him, and does not want you to have a written plan that you could do on your own.  We believe you should have a written plan, and be able to follow it if you should want to workout in between sessions with our trainer.

Call us to set up a meeting and we will tell you what we have learned from our 10,000 customers before you…


LOSE UP TO 20 LBS IN just 2-3 Months


1 Certified Personal Training session (55min) $80      12 sessions $499

1 Staff Trainer session (25min on weights, they you do cardio for 30 min) $75      12 sessions $378

3 Staff Personal Training sessions $97

3 Personal Training sessions per Week for 8 Weeks $499

2 Personal Training sessions per Week for 12 Weeks $499

Here your personal trainer will meet with you for a fitness evaluation, goal setting, program planning, then work out with you.  You will workout with your trainer for 25 minutes, then do 30 minutes of cardio.  You have unlimited workouts on the days you are not with your trainer during the full term!  Pay by clicking the blue “BUY NOW” button above.  Total price $499. In-store price is $699 so buy it here! Please call for your first appointment.  Full refund if not satisfied after first workout.  Questions?  Call 214-865-6153 ext 2

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