Jamie, age 28 and 5″ 1″ went from 38% body fat to 19% in just 6 months!













Shannon went from 29% body fat to 15%














Jeremy got to 17.5% body fat in 6 months












Sharon, a 60 year old waitress joined Private Workout Plano complaining about one side being weaker than the other, trouble bending down, and a pain in one shoulder.  On her first workout she lifted a total of 4,400 lbs.  She weighed 142 lbs and had 37% body fat.  After 90 days, she lifted a total of 18,700 lbs in just 30 minutes, a 425% increase from her first workout.  As a result of gaining muscles mass, she had dropped her body fat from 37% to 24.4%, and lost 10 pounds, going from a size 10 to a size 6.  No more uneven strength, no trouble bending down, no more shoulder pain, she looks like a gymnast!  What do you think?  Three months later, body fat is down to 19% and she lifted 28,600 lbs in the same 30 minute workout time, indicating a 650% strength increase!  To put this in perspective, the best strength gain we have heard about was 50% in a year of working out 3 times a week for 90 minutes in a large gym.  Sharon’s 6 months results would seem to take 13 years to accomplish elsewhere.








Tom, a 15 year old student started working out with 50 pounds on the chest press for 20 repetitions on 6-1-2004.  By 7-18-2004, he had gained 19 pounds, and was pressing 125 lbs for 20 repetitions.  That represents a 250% gain over six weeks!










Rebecca went from 29% body fat to 19% in just 4 months!










Kara got under 20% body fat in less than 6 months!













Jay, looking fit!











Deborah, 40’s, “It works!”
















Rick, age 54 went from 25% body fat to 14%













Alex at age 71 does not look like most 71 year olds you know!













Nancy, age 73 at 20% body fat