Summer Youth Boot Camp $99



Workout 3-6 times per week for up for 8 weeks on our personal-trainer designed Gut Buster Indoor Boot Camp workout program every15 min most days…


The U. S. Government did a study to find out the “optimal” workout because 2/3rds of Americans are considered obese and 97% of people joining gyms stop working out in the first 13 weeks.  They own the Marines, so they know what an extreme workout is, but they found that the “optimal workout” is where you get your heart rate up to 120 beats per minute for 30 minutes since that will lower your risk of heart attack by 57%.   This program does just that!  In this program you will get 30 minutes of 155 beats per minute!

WHY WE DO THIS WORKOUT – Increase your metabolism and you will burn off the fat

The reason people gain weight as they get older is because their metabolism slows down due to losing up to a pound of muscle each+year from age 20 to 40.  A 40 year old burns 800+ calories LESS than a 20 year old because of this loss of muscle.  If you restore your lost muscle, you will raise your metabolism, burn off the fat,  look great, and be able to eat normally!  Cardio and “Body weight” programs do NOT restore lost muscle, they actually accelerate muscle loss so outdoor bootcamps make you lose both muscle and fat, which means you regain any fat you lose when the boot camp is over.  At Private Workout®, we will REBUILD firm and toned muscle which will burn fat 24 hours per day!

WHY WE DO THIS WORKOUT – When everyone does our structured workout, no one has to wait for equipment

Most people can only achieve around 160 repetitions and 100 heartbeats per minute in a 90 minute workout at a traditional gym because they have to wait for all the other members who compete for the equipment.  At a Private Workout® Gut Buster Indoor Boot Camp, everyone changes routines at the same time, so you will do up to 700 repetitions in less than 30 minutes with a heart rate around 155 beats per minute!  That’s the same heartrate most people achieve when they run at 5 mph for 30 minutes, but most people can’t run that long…

Our GUT BUSTER Boot Camp is a structured workout program that takes just 25 minutes, designed by a Personal Trainer, done INSIDE with NO ONE WATCHING!  It’s a CARDIO RESISTANCE TRAINING WORKOUT that will get you in top shape!  Follow our plan and you will not have to wait for equipment, even after work, and you will be done in less than 30 minutes!  There is NO RISK!  If you complete your first workout and don’t like it, you get a full refund before you leave the building!  COME DO IT!

New customers only, must be 12 -20 years old.  If you purchase on this web site before visiting store, you will be granted a full refund at the end of the first workout before you leave the store of the purchase price if you are not satisfied.  There are NO OTHER FEES.  Buy now, then call the store to set up an appointment or click the link below to book online.  Bring your email receipt and be prepared to workout!  Your first workout will be one-on-one with the Boot Camp Instructor (a personal trainer) to explain the workout, do a fitness evaluation, help you set your goals, form-fit each piece of equipment to your body, teach you how to work each one, teach you the proper form, and teach you how to do our workout.  After that, just come and join in the workout groups anytime from 8am to 8pm most days!  *Each individual’s results will vary depending on your starting weight, how many workout sessions you perform according to instruction, the intensity that you exert, your diet,  and whether you follow the protein consumption recommendations.  On your initial visit we will estimate the number of sessions required to meet your goals. Questions?214-865-6153 ext 2