Happy Clients

“I like it!  I feel like I got an all over workout”  Debra T    April/2013
I love this workout.  Brett and Josh are great personal trainers, they will hold you accountable while helping you through
any problems you have with your diet/workout.   I have lost 52lbs and have both Josh and Brett and Private Workout to thank 
for that.  When I do not feel like working out sometimes they will pick me up and give me the power to get going.  Since I have
lost the weight I feel much better about myself and how I look, but trust me I am not done I still have a long way to go but 
with Brett and Josh's help and support I know I will get to where I need to be.  Thanks Brett and Josh Both of you are really life savers...
Jerry H.

“I love it here because kids can work out too.  I love it here because Brett
make it really fun!”   Annette W.    April/2013

“Knew what to expect each time and I could go in and get it
done” Chelsea F    April/2012

“Quick workout that is fun”   Bree G     April/2013

“The machines are different. I can feel the results right
away”  Lynn K   April/2013

“I love that I can go to either location and use the machines to build muscle.  This has led to a 102 lb weight loss and gone from 48% to 23% body fat”  Laura M    April/2013

“I sure don’t like realizing how out of shape I am!”  Melissa B April/2013

“I felt it. I sweated a lot. It didn’t seem long”  Melanie J  April/2013

“It’s intense”  Don E  April/2013

“Not a zillion machines to try and choose from – instruction on how to use machines – set weight and # of reps – private – no intimidation
by other gym members – mirror to check posture/form”    Caitlyn C April/2013

“I really felt it in my belly!  I feel it!  I’ve lifted weights before but I could actually feel it but I’m not exhausted!” Lucia A.    April/2013

“I love that I can work out for 30mins and know that I did something good for my body. I add an hour of cardio and I’m feeling great! I’ve very glad to have found Private Workout. I only just started, but I can already see results. Thank you!” – Aislynn J.

“My husband and I have enjoyed Private Workout for 3 1/2 years. I especially liked the ability to get a good workout in just 30 minutes. The easy access & location to our home was desirable. It was nice to be able to track our progress on the provided workout logs.” – JW

“I liked the privacy, location, and accessibility for my personal needs. It was a clean and nice environment within the facility I used. I like the workout plan and was striving toward weight loss goals with the overall program and small setting envirnoment.” – Toya T.

“The club was nice, clean, and private. Very nice people and very friendly! Thanks.” – Kim B ”

“Good morning everyone, I wanted to share a few comments with you, and give you something that you can print/use if you like. It may need to be edited to sound as professional as possible. Obviously I wasn’t an english major in college. After many years of terrible eating habits, poor exercise routine, bad prioritizing, ignorance, and plain laziness, it had finally caught up to me. I was weak, out of shape, and absolutely felt terrible most of the time. It was time to make some serious changes in my life! First I had to decide to do something about it. Second I had to make a commitment. That is exactly what I did! I signed up for a 13 week personal circuit training/cardio, workout routine. I did everything that I was told, including the protein after every circuit workout. After 13 weeks I have succeeded in achieving my first goal towards a  happier/healthier lifestyle! I have made another 13 week commitment of personal circuit training/protein, and am on my way to achieving a personal goal of 10% body fat! Without the help of the Private Workout team, I would not have been able to achieve my goals as quickly/profoundly. Private Workout has provided me with the tools, techniques, inspiration, and ability to change my life, and be successful/healthy.”

2/1/10 Lbs. 181.6 BMI 25.6

4/7/10 Lbs. 181.6 BMI 22.5

5/3/10 Lbs. 173.8 BMI 18.9

TOTAL Lbs. -7.8 BMI. -6.7

Thank you very much!


Scott H

“I have only been doing this for a week but i have already seen results. After 3 children and sloppy eating habits they gave me a great meal plan and i sticking to it and working out 6 days a week and i am seeing results. I have lost 8 pounds in just the first week and it seems to get easier as time goes by 210 – 202 in just 7 days yeppie”  Ashley S

“down 35 lbs & lost 10.5% body fat & still going! Woohoo!” Tracy 9/2009

“Started 35 days ago, lost 11 pounds from 206 to 195lbs. Thank you.” Paul

“The very first day I “decided” to start the 8 wk program. I let the time come n go – I couldn’t even begin. Sharon called me and persuaded me to at least come n check it out. I’m on my last week. I started at 213 lbs. I’m at 193. A 20 pound miracle weight loss! And I won 6 months free. This was very hard. But totally worth it! Thanks for being so persistent Sharon…”  Debbie C. 7/8/2009

“I was absolutely impressed with the quality of the equipment and the no-hassle set up. I was able to workout more efficiently, and my body fat dropped from 27% to 20.5% in less than 2 months!”  Lynn H.

“After 6 years of inactivity and reaching the age of 50, I wanted change. I started the Gut Buster Boot Camp Program on 3/30/2009 and worked out 2 to 3 times per week consistently, tired or not, rain or shine. I weighed 184.8 at the start, after 11 workouts with only the circuit, I lost 16.8 lbs and gained amazing strength & energy, with the help and encouragement of their wonderful & friendly staff.” Carolyn S.

“I like the club. After my workout I feel so much better and bonus: I’m losing inches! Come join me!”   Fran D.

“I was guaranteed increased strength, not weight loss. I gained strength and lost weight. I quit my membership, kept the weight off, but the loss of strength over time had me renew my membership and sorry I ever left.”  Kaycee P

“Private Workout is the perfect workout for many reasons. For one, you will lose body fat if you follow the program. I have been doing this for 3 years & I love it! You get cardio & weights in the same workout so it saves time. Also, it is private. I hate being out on a public gym floor & this the answer to that situation. You will not be disappointed.”  Patty T.

“I have been working out at Private Workout for four years and I have enjoyed the ease of keeping & getting in shape. I went from 25% body fat to 15%. The workout at Private Workout is quick & I never mind coming never approach burn out. This is the quickest & most complete workout ever. Anyone can get in shape quickly if they follow Private Workout’s system.” Alex P. age 67

“I have been a member for two years and find the staff helpful and knowledgeable. The machines are always in good repair. The workout can be done in less than 30 minutes and there is never a wait for machines. I am an enthusiast member. Maria I joined Private Workout in April, 07 on a tip from my husband. Weight training has toned me up ( since I can’t run 5k’s anymore due to ankle tendinitis). I belong to 2 other BIG health clubs, but I dislike the crowds & “wandering” eyes, so Private Workout meets all my training needs very well! And best of all I feel good afterwards! Barbara Private Workout has been a great place to workout. The equipment is top notch and the workout program is wonderful. It really takes the guesswork out of my workout routine.”  Matt

“I’ve been a member since Jan, 2008 and have noticed a dramatic increase in my strength and my endurance using the workout plan provided to me by the trainer. Ed I like that I can workout in private and the machines make it easy to use correct form. I like feeling like I accomplished something in 30 minutes Kristen A member since Jan, 08 I enjoy the individual rooms to workout in. They provide a relaxed enviroment without someone looking over my shoulder. Staff is friendly and very knowledgeable and always willing to help out if needed. Cleo I really enjoy being a member of Private Workout. The program works well for me & I like the fact that I can easily monitor my progress. Program is great, cost is reasonable, & staff is knowledgeable & friendly.”  Pam

“I’ve been with Private Workout for more than 9 months now. I really enjoy coming here and work out on my own pace and get the results I wanted with the help of friendly staffs here. I would definitely recommend this place to my friends & family who are interested.”  Boinghi

“Most effective total body workout I’ve had and in only 30 minutes! I love that it is self paced and you really can challenge yourself! Stephanie Private workout – convenient location, excellent facilities, layout is conductive to a quick efficient workout Lonnie I think Private Workout is great because you can focus on what you need & what you want to do with your body Sandra The privacy of one machine per room is great: No distractions & therefore heart rate stays up. 30 minute workouts really do work. Sharon is awesome, very helpful & pleasant!”  Yolanda

Private Workout has a 99.4% customer satisfaction score. Of of few complaints we have had, 100% of complaints made to the Better Business Bureau of Dallas have been judged resolved in our favor. We strive to make every customer happy so please let us know if you have a problem so that we can resolve it…

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*Each individual’s results will vary depending on your starting weight, how many workout sessions you perform according to instruction, the intensity that you exert, your diet,  and whether you follow the protein consumption recommendations.  On your initial visit we will estimate the number of sessions required to meet your goals.