Why to people gain weight as they age?

The average person gains up to 50lbs from the age of 20 to 40, why is this?

20 year old and 40 year old consuming 2,000 calories per day. At age 20, her body demands 2000 per day, at 40 it demands 1200 per day.

Typical man consuming 3,000 calories per day from age 20 to 40. At age 20 his body demands 3000 calories per day, at 40 it demands 1500.



Metabolism slows down… but what does that mean?  It means your body burns less calories in a day than it did at age 20.  The three main things that burn calories are:

1) basic life support

2) activity level

3) total muscle mass

The average persons loses up to 1lb of muscle each year from age 20 to 40, lowering your body’s demand for calories.

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